"If it’s meant for you, you won’t have to beg for it. You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny."

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When Bilal [رضي الله عنه] was on his deathbed, everyone was in despair - but Bilal.

He said, “What joy! Tomorrow I will meet my beloved Prophet ﷺ!”


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“Being born albino is a difficult fate for anyone, with the side effects of increased sensitivity to light and poor vision that go hand in hand with the condition, but for this Indian family of 10, the prejudice has been the hardest part. In Southern India, the Pullan family faced much hardship and prejudice, so they moved to the more diverse and accepting city of Delhi, where they are often mistaken for foreigners and called “angrez” which means English. In spite of the adversity they’ve faced, Mother Mani Pullan considers their condition “a gift from God.” The family of 10 albinos will soon be replacing a Canadian-American family of 6 for the title of “World’s Biggest Albino Family” in the record books.”

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Australian model caught distracted during a photo shoot when the first plane hit tower 1. What an epic photo.

It’s so weird to think that normal things were happening on 9/11. People were walking their dogs, riding their bikes, models were doing photoshoots… and the planes hit. 

One of my favorite pictures on Tumblr.

holy shit

i wonder what was going through her head at that moment


if i was that model..i would be freaking out and not just you know sitting there like watching a flying cat

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I went to a birthday party once where the family had non-alcoholic wine or some shit like that, the little boys were dancing around with the bottles/taking pics with the bottles like they’re sipping on some rose, bitch please sit down I will tell your dad and you will be get beatings

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Counting Blessings

Back in grade 8 I had a classmate who was legally blind, she was also one of the most exceptional students and people I had ever been around. I remember one day my teacher asked her a question a lot of us were probably curious to find out ourselves as well. She asked her that if she had the chance or opportunity to cure her blindness and gain the ability to see, would she go for it?

Her reply surprised most of us, if not all - she said no. Her explanation was pretty interesting, she said that because she lived her whole life up to that point with the disability and was so used to living with it, that it would be a huge burden for her to basically learn and experience life from scratch.

I don’t know if she said it out of fear of something so different, or if she genuinely felt she was fine with her life the way she was. Either way I remember how she handled herself with such confidence and thankfulness. Personally I think one of my biggest fears is to lose my sight, it’s the one thing I’m so thankful for - the ability to visually experience life and the signs of my creator (though I don’t do justice to my soul with how i treat my eyes at times).

Speaking as an artist, I feel it is the single most important source of my creativity - I might even go as far as to say that my creative intelligence depends solely on my sight.

Photography by Marianna Armata

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